Goals & Objectives

Objectives for the 2018-2019 School Year

The Board of Education adopts the following objectives for the 2018-2019 school year and beyond in order to ensure that all students are personally fulfilled, academically challenged, well prepared for future training, education and careers, and equipped with the knowledge and skills to be responsive and successful stewards of the world.

Strategic Goal #1 — Students First and Foremost:

  • Continue to support the development of programs and initiatives that expand comprehensive awareness, including experiences that increase international and cultural understanding, tolerance, and acceptance.
  • Encourage presentations and assemblies that expose students to different cultures and experiences.
  • Request from various student groups, one presentation to the Board, on a quarterly basis.
  • Assure continued support and optimal resources to the Special Education program as to best meet the needs of our students and their support systems.

Strategic Goal #2 – Education:

  • Review all bus routes with the Director of Transportation and input from all bus drivers, to assure effective, timely and efficient routes.
  • Review and assess current Community Service Requirements to assure equality and fairness for all students.
  • Evaluate school lunch programs, take into account the Governor’s recent directives, and suggest goals as appropriate.
  • Continue to assure that the LPCSD offers a wide diverse number/type of educational opportunities and activities to all students (from technical to Advanced Placement). Request a report on new and continued opportunities offered at the August meeting.
  • Continue to observe opportunities, and provide appropriate support to closing the opportunity gap across the socio-economical gradient, resulting in educational equality.
  • Explore with all stakeholders the potential to include career and technical programming, meeting the needs of our unique community.

Strategic Goal #3 – Community Outreach and Involvement:

  • With the inclusion of the entire Board, create a quarterly newsletter consisting of BOE news, updates and activities.
  • Investigate and implement a process for delivering a summary of board meeting highlights. Investigate various methods of distribution including a Blog.
  • Assess the need for a new strategic planning.  If deemed necessary, initiate a process which will include stakeholder surveys, focus groups, work groups, etc. (April-May)
  • Continually assess and alter communication methods based on student, faculty/staff and Board member feedback as to how to best communicate to all stakeholders.
  • Attend a minimum of four (4) meetings of other community organizations for the purpose of distributing news and updates of the LPCSD. (i.e. Village Board, Town Board, Rotary,…)
  • Consistency in presenting minutes (written) and a brief summary to the Board, by the committee member, following a committee meeting.
  • Reactivate the Shared Decision Making Committee in accordance with the Board of Education’s guidelines and policy.

Strategic Goal #4 – Leadership:

  • Lake Placid Central School Board will hold itself to the highest standard possible out of respect to the school and community that we serve. Board members will strive to:
    • Create a plan, and communication strategy, with the goal of creating an environment of security among the students and parents.
    • Participate in educational opportunities and workshops offered to them (attend one NYSSBA sponsored course annually).
    • Each BOE member see themselves as a contributing members of the education community.
    • Attend at least 80% of meetings held each year.
    • Evaluate the current Board meeting structure, content and type, suggesting modifications that will result in an efficient, effective, and inclusive board.
    • Post organizational chart and utilize when evaluating situations.
    • When appropriate, implement the recruitment planning process for Superintendent and/or Principal(s).
    • Successful transition within the business office, from retiring to new personnel.

Strategic Goal #5 – Technology:

  • Evaluate and provide appropriate support for the District’s multi-year purchase and replacement plan, as to reassure that all students have equal access to technology.

Strategic Goal #6 – Finance:

  • Monitor the progress of the capital project with quarterly reports from the Health and Safety for Buildings and Grounds Committee.
  • By participation on the Component School District Advisor Committee, gain an understanding for the FEH BOCES Administrative Budget, and monitor the budget, resulting in sound fiscally practices.
  • Monitor the progress of Essex County’s revisions of the CSEA job description, particularly Clerk/Typist positions.
  • Working with business office leader(s), objectify the process by which stipends are awarded.
  • Continue the active and progressive relationship with the Educational Opportunity Fund building on our partnership.

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