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Olympic Heritage & Quality Education in the Heart of the Adirondacks

A new page has been turned in the long running relationship between the Lake Placid Central School District (LPCSD) and the greater youth sports community.

In our district, nestled in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains and rich with Olympic heritage, students of all ages are able to pursue their athletic dreams while maintaining a flexible, top-notch educational program.

Having the Lake Placid Middle/High School literally across the street from the Olympic Regional Development Authority’s (ORDA) skating training venues make the relationship that much easier. The LPCSD guidance staff is sensitive to the special needs of these athletes and makes every effort to create a viable working relationship.

When the athletes are away from Lake Placid for competitions, the school provides a liaison teacher to help the students keep up with their studies. The liaison meets with the students, their parents, and the students' teachers to ensure that the athletes stay current in all of their subjects while away at competitions.

Lake Placid High School Olympians

  • Charles Jewtraw 1924 Speed Skating
  • Jack Shea 1932 Speedskating
  • Frederick Fortune 1948 1952 Boblsed
  • Art Devlin 1952 Ski Jumping
  • Craig Lussi 1960 Nordic Combined
  • James Shea 1964 Cross Country Nordic Combined
  • James Page 1964 Nordic Combined
  • William Hollrock1976 Boblsedding
  • Michael Tracy Lamb 1980 Nordic Combined Coach
  • Casey Colby 1998 Ski Jumping
  • Erica Terwillegar 1988, 1992 Luge
  • Rusty Smith 1998, 2002, 2006 Speedskating
  • Lowell Bailey 2006 Biathlon