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Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR)

The Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) program will evaluate the instructional skills of teachers including, for the first time, a comprehensive method of measuring student academic growth. It will also identify each teacher’s strengths and areas that could be improved.

The APPR plan has been approved by the NY State Dept. of Education as required by law.

Letter from NYS Dept. of Education re: APPR - June 2014

The following documents represent the Lake Placid Central School District's APPR plans for teachers and administrators, as well as the agreements with the teachers' and principals' associations regarding the APPR plans.

Approved APPR Plan without Ind. Evaluator Hardship Waiver

Q&A NYS Teacher and Principal Evaluation System

APPR Plan for Principals

APPR Plan for Teachers

Memorandum of Agreement with LPEA re: APPR

Memorandum of Agreement with Principals re: APPR

NYSUT Rubric for APPR

APPR Notice

APPR Request Form