IEP Meeting Agenda

Below is what typically will happen at an IEP meeting for Annual Review:

  1. Welcome and Introductions: The student must be invited to their IEP meeting (Over Age 16 is encouraged to actively participate as much as appropriate. There must be documentation explaining why members who are required to attend who may be absent;
  2. Complete and/or Update Demographic Information on Page 1 of IEP;
  3. Discuss the student’s present levels of academic achievement and function performance: In this area, progress reports and data should be presented from the previous annual goals;
  4. Design a course of study;
  5. Determine a coordinated set of activities and strategies for the student.
  6. Develop Annual IEP Goals;
  7. Complete necessary IEP Document information including Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) justification, related services, and if appropriate transition planning; and
  8. Review and Adjourn.

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