Goals & Objectives

The Board of Education adopts the following objectives for the 2019-2020 school year and beyond in order to ensure that all students are personally fulfilled, academically challenged, well prepared for future training, education and careers, and equipped with the knowledge and skills to be responsive and successful stewards of the world.

Strategic Goal #1 — Students First and Foremost:

  • Support the development of programs and initiatives that expand comprehensive awareness, including experiences that increase international and cultural understanding, tolerance, and acceptance.
  • Expose students to different cultures and experiences, through at least three district wide presentations and discussions.
  • Meet the needs of our Special Education students and their support systems through continued allocation of resources.
  • Remain aligned with the student population, by receiving five or more student presentations annually. These presentations will include various grades, clubs or organizations of our student population.
  • Negotiate a fair and reasonable agreement with both unions that prioritizes student achievement.

Strategic Goal #2 – Education:

  • Continue to monitor the lunch program at both school locations for compliance with the Governor’s directives, and assure quality consistent with our stakeholder’s expectations.
  • Before April 2020, receive a presentation by the Director of Food & Nutritional Services reviewing accomplishments, concerns and objectives for the program.
  • Strive to achieve a status of “free lunches for all students”. Superintendent to provide an update by February 2020.
  • At December’s BOE meeting, receive a report on new and continued opportunities offered by the district regarding the diversity in educational opportunities and activities available to all students (from technical to Advanced Placement).
  • Seek out opportunities and provide appropriate support to closing the opportunity gap across the socio-economical gradient. Consider offering, at no cost, options for AP and Bridge Course.
  • Explore with all stakeholders the potential of increasing the number of career and technical program options.
  • Increase full participation in career preparation programs including the SWIPE program.
  • Meet or exceed the number of students receiving technical endorsements at the conclusion of the 2018-19 school year.

Strategic Goal #3 – Community Outreach and Involvement:

  • Assess the need for a new strategic plan.
  • Assess and alter the board’s communication methods based on student, faculty/staff and Board member feedback as to how to best communicate to all stakeholders.
  • There will be representation of the board at a minimum of four different meetings of other community organizations (i.e. Village Board, Town Board, Rotary, Lions, LPBA)
  • Complete a minimum of four newspaper articles or other media presentations on current BOE topics

Strategic Goal #4 – Leadership:

  • Monitor a plan, and communication strategy, with the goal of creating an environment of security among the students and parents.
  • A minimum of two board members will be recognized by NYSSBA’s University.
  • Every board member will attend at least 80% of meetings held each year.
  • Implement the recruitment planning process for Superintendent and/or Principal(s) as required.
  • Develop and implement an onboarding process for newly elected Board members.
  • Conduct an annual Board self-evaluation, with 100% participation of its members.
  • Address all areas identified by the Board self-evaluation by October 2019.
  • Assess the presence, and depth of actual or perceived bullying within the district using an independent resource.

Strategic Goal #5 – Technology:

  • Presentation by District Technology Coordinator reviewing operations of the program, goals and vision for the future, and suggested product/technology innovations. May 2020.
  • Ensure access to academic technology for each student in an effort to bridge the opportunity gap.
  • Encourage student participation in identifying technology gaps in our current technology offerings.

Strategic Goal #6 – Finance:

  • Monitor the progress of the capital project with monthly reports.
  • Monitor the progress of Essex County’s revisions of the CSEA job description, particularly Clerk/Typist positions.
  • Objectify the process by which stipends are awarded by working with the CSEA Union.
  • Build on the Board’s partnership with the Educational Opportunity Fund.
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of the busing program, as it pertains to summer busing and St. Agnes School.
  • Receive formal construction updates from School House Construction managers as needed, at least on a quarterly basis.

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