LPCSD Board of Education Resolution on Possible ORDA Construction on LPCSD Property


There are numerous construction projects on the Olympic Regional Development Authority’s schedule, and an aggressive timeline for each. At least one of the planned projects has elements that necessitate use of Lake Placid Central School District property. The Board of Education, on behalf of the voting residents and of the Lake Placid Central School community, hereby resolve:

Whereas the Board of Education supports ORDA’s improvement efforts, we reject any of these efforts that detract from the interests of the students, staff, or school district community at large;

Whereas, this Board has the responsibility to represent the voters of the Lake Placid Central School District, and to prioritize the interests of students and seek to assure that our students have access to the best teaching and learning experiences that this Board is able to provide; it is the intent of this Board to firmly adhere to provisions set forth in The Laws of New York State;

Whereas, at least one construction project planned by ORDA will encroach on property owned by the Lake Placid Central School District; and said property is currently being fully utilized and maintained by the district and its staff; the property falls within The Laws of New York State/Consolidated Laws/Education/ Title 1: General Provisions/ Article 1: Short Title Definitions/ Article 9: School Building and Sites/ Section 403-A: Leasing of School Property; it is the intent this Board to firmly adhere to provisions set forth in this Law;

Whereas, this Board will assure, any construction on property owned and operated by the District will receive a review and be approved by the New York State Education Department, prior to any site work being initiated;

Whereas, if deemed necessary under the provisions of Section 403-A, this Board may put forth a referendum to the voters regarding the conversion of said property;

Whereas, it is the responsibility of this Board to assure compliance with New York State Educational Law, all correspondence regarding this matter will include the Lake Placid Central School District Board of Education;

BE IT RESOLVED, the Trustees of the Lake Placid Central School District Board of Education do hereby resolve that we will adhere to these principles in any future discussions and agreements with the Olympic Regional Development Authority.

Motion by Jeffrey D. Brownell, second by Joan Hallett Valentine.

Yes: Rick Preston, Jeffrey D. Brownell, Joan Hallett-Valentine, Bryan L Kennelly, Colleen Locke, Daniel Marvin, Martha Spear

Dated this 20th of February, 2020.

Karen Angelopoulos, District Clerk

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