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Monthly LPES Day # – Student Clubs calendar

The Lake Placid Elementary School educates approximately 260 students in a Kindergarten to Grade 5 setting. Our accomplished faculty of teachers are committed to providing the best educational opportunities at each and every grade level. We expect that our school will have a positive environment where everyone displays responsibility, respect, and cooperation. A community atmosphere exists through parental support and involvement, as well as community use of the building.

The mission of the Lake Placid Central School is to provide a “welcoming, stimulating environment that inspires all students to achieve their academic, physical and social potential and to thrive in a dynamic global society.” We all work together as a team to promote that value both within ourselves and our students.

LPES Curriculum page link

LPES initiatives include:

  • Nature Trails used for both academics and recreation
  • Farm to School programs including an active chicken coop, outdoor gardens and hydroponic tower gardens
  • TDI (Therapy Dogs International) certified reading dogs and classroom dogs
  • Student-led clubs such as the Leadership Club and Kindness Club as well as Mix-It-Up group
  • Over five area little libraries and a book shopping day to increase reading access for students

Supply Lists are available for the 2020-21 academic year.

School Day Schedule

8:15-2:50 Student Day
8:00-3:25Teacher Day
* 8:00
Earliest Drop Off Time *time change during COVID-19
8:25Student Considered Late
1:30Latest Guardian Can Call to Change Transportation
2:30Latest Guardian Can Pick up Child in Office
3:25Late Bus

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