Middle School

LPMHS 2020-21 School Re-Opening Plan

Lake Placid Middle School is a unique place.  We embrace tradition while working to support the future of our students. Our faculty and staff are devoted to the success of each student and serve as teachers, coaches and mentors. In every area, they seek to challenge and inspire our students to do their best.

It is our goal to empower students to achieve academic success as well as grow socially and emotionally in a safe environment.  They are entering a developmentally challenging period. Students are dealing with physical changes combined with social adjustments. They are becoming more involved in school through sports, and performing arts. Students are also navigating a completely new academic day: changing classes, seeing 4-6 different teachers with different teaching styles, and of course, locker combinations. They are faced with balancing all of this change with new responsibilities, rules of engagement and freedoms.

Middle school students need help. They need help from administration, teachers, and parents.  They need guidance and boundaries as they try on more and more independence. We ask you to partner with us in helping your child through this exciting time. Communication will be important and we’ll keep you apprised of what’s happening at the school through email, phone calls, our website, and mailings. If you have question or concerns, do not hesitate to call or email the classroom teacher, coach or me directly.

Best Regards,

Ms. Theresa Lindsay

MS Principal

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