MS Student Clubs

Lake Placid Middle School Extracurricular Activities

All activities are open to 6th, 7th and 8th graders, unless otherwise noted. 

Science Olympiad
Meets Thursdays 10th period in Mr. Brunner’s room. Additional times for practices depending on the event and time of year. Any middle school student who is interested should come to Mr. Brunner’s room Thursdays 10th period. New students are welcome throughout the year.
Contact: Mr. Frank Brunner,

Creative Writing
The purpose of the creative writing club is to provide a positive and productive atmosphere for developing student writers. The hope is to integrate, learn, and grow as a writer. In addition, this club will teach students to harness creativity effectively with a variety of writing prompts and ideas to benefit an individual’s skill and competence as a writer. The group meets on Wednesday in Mrs. Hutchin’s classroom.
Contact: Mrs. Kristin Hutchins,

MS Memory Book Club
Interested students should contact Ms. Boslet.
Contact: Ms. Kristen Boslet,

Middle School Play
The Middle School play will take place in the winter/spring. Tech and acting positions are available.
Contact: Ms. Patenuade

Builder’s Club
This is a community service and leadership based club. Students participate in the following activities: helping at the animal shelter, concession stands, the LP Classic and 10k, the Teddy Bear Parade and Picnic, the Village Stroll & Plunge For A Cause to name a few.
Contact: Mrs. Patti McConvey,

Student Council
Representatives from each grade will work together to increase school spirit and improve school climate. The group will meet once a month during lunch.
Contact: Ms.Kailher,

6th Grade Cross Country Ski Club
During the winter months, Mrs. Moruzzi takes interested students cross-country skiing at Cascade Cross Country Ski Center.
Contact: Mrs. Thea Moruzzi,

6th Grade Golfing Club
This will start around the middle of May, depending on the weather. After 10th period, we will walk over to the Lake Placid Club. We try to get out twice a week. All six graders are welcome to play whether it is the first time they have golfed or if they are ready for the PGA.
Contact: Mrs. Laurel Riehs,

Lake Placid Blue Bomber Sports for Grades 7 and 8

  • Fall – modified boys & girls soccer; boys & girls cross country; girls volleyball
  • Winter – modified boys & girls basketball, nordic skiing, & alpine skiing
  • Spring – modified boys & girls track & field; boys baseball; girls softball; & boys
    lacrosse (merged with SL)

Contact: Mr. John Burdick,

Middle School Art Club
This is a place for students to extend their art experience beyond the classroom. We will do individual and group projects. Some of the projects will be displayed in the school and in the community. Art Club meeting day is to be determined.
Contact: Mrs. Sandy Huber,

Environmental Club
Contact: Mrs. Sandra Ashley,

Middle School Math Club
The middle school math club is is part of the National MathCounts Organization. Currently the students are working on the MathCounts Math Video Challenge which is a national middle school contest that blends math, creativity, art and technology and challenges students to produce a video solving a math problem in a real-world setting. Math club meets each Monday during 10th period.
Contact: Mrs. Fremante,

MS Jazz Band
Jazz Band meets Tuesdays during 10th period. Interested Middle School Band students should contact Ms. Kukuvka.
Contact: Ms. Emileigh Kukuvka,

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