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Faculty & Staff List

Please click on the envelope beside the name to send an email. To leave a voice mail message, call (518) 523-2474 and the extension.

Administrative Staff

Mrs. Adams 4003 Main Office
Mrs. Begor 4022 Counseling Office
Mrs. Taylor Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Mayberry 4001 Main Office & Attendance
Mr. Bavis 4171 Food Service Director
Mr. Graham 4123 Maintenance
Ms. Clark 4007 School Nurse


Email Mrs. Allen Mrs. Allen 5253 CSE Chairperson
Email Ms. Eisley Mrs. Atkinson 4138 French
email Mrs. Bitner Mrs. Fremante Grade 7 Math
Email Ms. Boslet Ms. Boslet 5245 Alternative Education Teacher
Email Mr. Bosworth Mr. Bosworth 5203 Social Studies Global II Teacher
Email Mr. Brandes Mr. Brandes 5200 Computer Technology Teacher
Email Mr. Bringley Mr. Bringley 5211 Gr. 6 & 7 Science Teacher
Email Mr. Brunner Mr. Brunner 5201 HS Science Teacher
Email Mr. Burdick Mr. Burdick 4840 Athletic Director
Email Mrs. Carlisto Mrs. Carlisto 5216 Gr. 8 English Teacher
Email Mr. Carlson Mr. Carlson 5248 MS Spanish Teacher
Email Mrs. Bretschneider Mrs. Bretschneider 5220 HS Math & Geometry Teacher
Email Mr. Clark Mr. Clark 5218 Gr. 8 Social Studies Teacher
Email Mrs. Clark Mrs. Clark 4008 Student Support Counselor
Email Mrs. Damp Mrs. Damp 5209 AP Biology & Biology Teacher, National Honor Society Advisor
Email Mrs. Decker Mrs. Decker 5215 Health Teacher
Email Mrs. Duggan Mrs. Duggan 5230 Social Studies Global I Teacher, Student Council Advisor
Email Mrs. Brewer Mrs. Brewer 5266 Gr. 7 Social Studies Teacher
Email Mrs. Gallagher Mrs. Gallagher 5261 Resource Gr. 7 & 10
Email Mr. Glinski Mr. Glinski 4118 Physical Education Teacher
Email Ms. Dell'Olio Ms. Dell’Olio 4020 6th-8th Grade Counselor
Email Mrs. Gotham Mrs. Gotham 5262 Special Education Teacher
Email Mr. Gotham Mr. Gotham 5278 Gr. 12 English Teacher, Director of the Fall Play, JV Boys’ Soccer, Varsity Boys’ Basketball
email Mr. Gregory Mr. Gregory HS Math
email Mrs. Hammaker Mrs. Hammaker 4018 High School Guidance Counselor
Email Ms. Harvey Ms. Harvey 5249 Resource
Email Mrs. Huber Mrs. Huber 5256 Art Teacher
email Miss E. Kukuvka Ms. Kukuvka Instrumental Music Middle and High School
Email Mr. LaVallee Mr. LaVallee Technology Teacher
Email Mrs. Lawrence Mrs. Lawrence 5250 Spanish Teacher
Email Mr. Lepak Mr. Lepak 5213 Earth Science Teacher
Email Mrs. Casey Mrs. Casey 5259 Gr. 8 Math Teacher
Email Mrs. Marvin Mrs. Marvin 5221 Special Education Teacher
Email Ms. McCandlish Ms. McCandlish 5238 Resource
Email Mrs. McKinnon Mrs. McKinnon 5274 French Teacher
Email Mr. Frantz Mr. Frantz Student Support
Email Ms. Merrihew Ms. Merrihew 5202 Gr. 9 English Teacher
Email Mrs. Miller Mrs. S Miller 4151 Special Education Teacher
email Dr. Miller Dr. Miller 4010 MHS Psychologist
Email Ms. Kopienski Mrs. Moody 4119 Physical Education Teacher
Email Mrs. Morgan Mrs. Morgan 5241 Science – Living Environment & AP Environment Teacher
Email Mrs. Moruzzi Mrs. Moruzzi Gr. 6 English Teacher
Email Mr. Mullane Mr. Mullane 5224 Gr. 11 English Teacher
Email Ms. Patenaude Ms. Patenaude 4131 Library Media Specialist
Email Mrs. Graham Mrs. Graham 5210 HS Math Teacher
Email Mrs. Riehs Mrs. Riehs 5260 Reading Specialist
Email Mr. Robinson Mr. Robinson 5219 Art Teacher
Email Mrs. Skufca Mrs. Skufca 5244 Speech
Email Ms. Spicer Ms. Spicer 5252 Gr. 10 English Teacher
Email Mrs. Thomsen Mrs. Thomsen 5276 Occupational Therapy
email Mrs. Hutchins Mrs. Hutchins 4156 English 7
Email Mrs. Weems Ms. Weems 5242 Vocal Music Teacher
Email Ms. Weinstein Ms. Weinstein 5240 Gr. 6 Social Studies Teacher

TA E-Mail Listing

Email Mrs. Ashley Mrs. Ashley Alt. Ed. Teaching Assistant 8th Grade
Email Mrs. Bickford Mrs. Bickford 5236 Staff
Email Mrs. Hammond Mrs. Hammond 5258 Staff
Email Ms. Jones Ms. Jones 5214 Staff, Key Club Advisor
Email Mrs. Keough Mrs. Keough 5267 Teaching Assistant Grade 8,9
Email Mrs. Minoe Mrs. Minoe Teaching Assistant
Email Mrs. McConvey Mrs. McConvey 4130 Library Media Center Teacher Assistant
Email Ms. McConvey Ms. McConvey 4130 Teacher Assistant
Email Mrs. Preston Mrs. Preston 4130 Teacher Assistant
Email Mrs. Scarpelli Mrs. Scarpelli 4130 Teacher Assistant
Email Mrs. Murphy Mrs. Murphy 5273 Staff
Email Mrs. Seymour Mrs. Seymour Teaching Assistant
Email Ms. Thoreck Ms. Thoreck 5270 Staff

Cafeteria Staff

Mrs. Rossi Head Cook
Mrs. Fortune Food Service Helper
Mrs. Porter Food Service Helper
Mr. Preston Food Service Helper

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