Community School

Keith Clark
Community School Coordinator
(518) 523-2474 ext 4008 

Lauren St Louis
Administrative Assistant
(518) 523-2474 ext 3009

As the district starts the second year of the Community Schools program, we will continue to strive to best serve our students, their families and the communities of Lake Placid and Wilmington. One of our goals is to make Lake Placid Central School a place where our young people go to learn and a hub of services and connection in their community. We are committed to working with community leaders and organizations to provide needed services and opportunities for both our students and community members.

Our Community School looks to foster, coordinate, improve upon and add programming in three areas:

  • Foster Community Engagement - making our physical buildings hubs for the community

  • Expand and Enrich Learning Time & Opportunities - after school, weekend, summer and possibly vacation programming and enrichment

  • Collaborate Leadership and Practices - Work with K-12 teachers, staff, administrators and local organizations to most effectively serve our students in all areas