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The Lake Placid Elementary School educates approximately 260 students in a Kindergarten to Grade 5 setting. Our accomplished faculty of teachers are committed to providing the best educational opportunities at each and every grade level. We expect that our school will have a positive environment where everyone displays responsibility, respect, and cooperation. A community atmosphere exists through parental support and involvement, as well as community use of the building.

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LPES initiatives include:

  • Nature Trails used for both academics and recreation

  • Farm to School programs including an active chicken coop, outdoor gardens and hydroponic tower gardens

  • TDI (Therapy Dogs International) certified reading dogs and classroom dogs

  • Student-led clubs such as the Leadership Club and Kindness Club as well as Mix-It-Up group

  • Over five area little libraries and a book shopping day to increase reading access for students

  • The 46er Reading Club enjoys 46 books to represent the 46 high peaks of the Adirondacks, once complete, students earn a day of celebration around town.

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Chicken Coop

Here at Lake Placid Elementary we feel honored to be a pivotal start in your students’ education. We recognize that fostering the love of learning and joy of knowledge is an essential start to a life of education both in school and out. Together as a community, we strive to provide the best for your child.

At Lake Placid, we will continue to rise to the challenges of new standards, increased teacher accountability and a greater emphasis on ensuring that our students are college and career ready. Our programs are designed to give our students the advantages of a much larger district while maintaining the small school setting that we know and love here in Lake Placid.

Along with a strong academic program, we are extremely proud of the strong extra-curricular tradition at Lake Placid. Our students work hard in the classroom and on the stage, field, community and artroom. This success fuels the success in the classroom and vice versa. Focusing on character throughout the year will round out a complete school experience that every student will be an important part of.

Please continue to visit the school website and your child’s classroom webpage as we update information throughout the year. I am looking forward to the coming year at Lake Placid with high expectations for our students and staff and I am thankful for the dedication and leadership they show when presented with new challenges. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at 523-3640 or e-mail me ( sfranklin@lakeplacidcsd.net ) with any questions or concerns throughout the school year.

This year’s theme is United. The LPES community is committed to working together in a united way. Together, we can discover the power of becoming a stronger community working towards a common goal.

Sonja Franklin

Lake Placid Elementary School Principal


Mrs. Franklin

Mrs. Franklin in the classroom

A guest teacher - Mrs. Franklin

Our School Reflects Who We Are - United and Unique

Our school represents who we are - United and Unique

School Day Schedule

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Student Day - 8:15am-2:50pm

7:25am - Early Drop Off

8:25am - Student Considered Late

1:30pm - Latest Guardian Can Call to Change Transportation

2:30pm - Latest Guardian Can Pick up Child in Office

2:50pm - Dismissal for Pick-Up Loop Students

2:55pm - Dismissal for Student Walkers and Bikers

3:00pm - Dismissal for Bus Students

3:25pm - Late Bus

Day# and Student Clubs and Orgs

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There are a number of opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular clubs and organizations. These meet 2:50-3:25 pm, during the tutorial/activity period. Parent permission is required for students to participate.

  • Band – grades 4-5

  • Book Club –  grades 4-5

  • Chorus – grades 3-5

  • Environmental Club – grades 4-5

  • Intramural Sports Play Days – grades 4-5

  • Lego Club – grade 3

  • Newspaper – grades 4-5

  • School Store – grade 5 – open mornings only

  • Guitar Club

  • Kindness Club

  • Inside/Outside Club

  • 4H Club

  • 46er Reading Club

After School Program 

Licensed after school child care is available for students in grades K-5 who attend LPES. The Lake Placid After School Program is sponsored by the Lake Placid Child Care Committee, a non-profit organization

Contact: Cameron Scsigulinsky- cscsigulinsky@lakeplacidcsd.net

Click here to Visit the FB After School Program 

Elementary Nurse’s Office – Elise Stosiek R.N.

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School Physical Exam Form 

Health Forms (click here)

Seasonal Flu and H1N1 Information

Essex Co. Public Health 
NYS Dept. of Health 
Kids Health

Food Allergy

Here is a great 4-minute presentation  and website on food allergy safety for children and their classmates. If you need more information about food allergies, let us know!