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Hope VanValkenberg
Food Services
Eugene Jewtraw
Michael Trumbower
Science Teacher
ext 4111
Jeffrey Nemec
Dean of Students/Athletic Director
Ext 4005, 4116
Rhiannon Adsit
English Teacher
(518) 523-2474 ext 5224
Sarah Allen
CSE Chair
Ext 4011
Alexa Angelopoulos
Elementary School Teacher
Elementary School
Ext 4532
Karen Angelopoulos
District Clerk
Ext 3001
Sarah Angus
Cook Manager
Elementary School
Ext 4542
Aldo Aquino
Bus Driver
Ext 4701
Sandra Ashley
Teaching Assistant
High School
Ext 5263
Cara Atkinson
French Teacher
EX 5277
Samuel Baker
Science Teacher
High School
Ext 5213
Timothy Baker
Technology Coordinator
IT Staff
Ext 4164
Philip Barbour
Food Service Coordinator
Ext 4171
Payton Barney
Teaching Assistant
Ext 4846
Joseph Bellew
IT Specialist
IT Staff
Ext 3012
Amanda Blacksmith
Elementary School Math Teacher
Ext 5253
Kathi Bliss
Teaching Assistant
High School
Ext 5226
Kristen Boslet
Alternative Education Teacher
High School
Ext 5245